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Protect Yourself from Ransomware Using the Following Tips And Tricks




Ransomware is no joke and you shouldn’t be taking it lightly since it can possibly ruin a lot more than you can imagine. Even though ransomware attacks can be targeted since they’re all about extorting money, there’s a high possibility that you may also become the target.

That is why you need to make sure to have your defense up all the time so that you don’t become a part of the ransomware victim list. For that purpose, we’re here to share some particular tips and tricks that will help you protect yourself from such an attack.

Following these will surely keep you safe and the trouble at bay, given you abide by the tips we’re mentioning here. So, without further ado, let’s begin:

Getting A Solid Internet Connection

A good idea is to get a solid internet connection that comes with a security suite and robust customer support. Both factors offer a compelling defense as the internet provider itself is working on offering security to the customers

For that purpose, we recommend you reach out to Windstream customer service and get your internet connection as well as security suite as needed. Knowing how their customers feel about online security will compel the provider to assist you in the best manner.

Plus the better your internet provider, the better are your chances of remaining safe in case of such an attack. So make sure your internet provider is competent enough to protect you from such hassles before anything else.

Avoid Opening Fishy Links

This is one of the main methods used by hackers to infect the devices of the users with malware and then threaten them by stealing their data. Unprotected devices are the most vulnerable when it comes to opening malware-infected links, which is why one should never open such links.

We can mention phishing attacks such as sharing news regarding photos leaking alongside a link. The victim, upon clicking the given link, shares its data with the hacker unintentionally, which the hacker uses to extort money.

Such links can be received through emails, texts, or any means, which can lead to such a condition. That is why never open suspicious links sent by any addresses especially the ones that aren’t familiar or in your contact list.

Never Disclose Personal Information

Whether it’s sharing your credit card information or adding in account details for any website, sharing information in today’s age is like giving a key to your home to anyone. Many hackers often collect personal information beforehand so that they can initiate a combined attack on all of your connected devices.

As mentioned earlier, phishing attacks are used for this purpose and the hackers often use this information to bypass security options that require personal information. That is why make sure you don’t share anything with any random person calling for it.

In addition, ensure that you keep your passwords and credentials updated and change them occasionally. Also, secure a backup for the data you have so that in any case, the hacker infecting your device with malware can’t extort money in exchange for data.

Don’t Trade for Data

We’ve mentioned earlier how the hacker may seem to negotiate and provide you with your data in exchange for money. However, it’s never the case, and most of the time that hacker is looking for additional information or a way to inflict others connected to you.

For instance, the hacker may ask you to share the contents/ file he used to hack you with others. Upon opening the file, the hacker will most likely get control of other devices and use them to extort money.

In addition to this, the hacker may attempt at reaching anything bigger such as the workplace contacts/ database you work at, etc. This is done to increase the attack level, get a hold of more information and use it to extort more money.

In almost every ransomware case, the hacker never provides/ releases the information stolen from the user. That is why you should avoid listening or doing whatever they ask you for in exchange for your data.

Update Your Security Devices Regularly

One of the primary reasons for such attacks is that the devices we’re using become outdated. Whether it’s because of the firmware or the devices installed for protection on these devices. That is why you should ensure that all your software remains updated.

In addition to this, make sure to get your hands on premium versions of security suites. Having premium versions unlocks special features such as parental controls on multiple devices, etc. You can also reach out to your internet provider to provide you with one so that you don’t have to pay additionally for the one acquired from the market.

In addition to this, make sure the security suite you have provides backup, recovery, and safety features against all major and minor attacks. Including minor attacks is important too since the hackers can exploit even minor loopholes and use them to exploit you big time.

Therefore, assess the capability of your device and the protective software running on it and ensure that they’re updated according to the latest protective standards.

Closing Thoughts

Looking forward to a safe online experience, you must ensure to follow the abovementioned tips and tricks to protect yourself from ransomware attacks. Remember, a slight opening in your defenses will most likely be exploited and you’ll lose your personal data before you even know it. Therefore, ensure that have a robust security suite installed, a reliable internet connection, and your mind in place to protect yourself from anything like this. 


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