Samsung One Connect Box for 2021: Keep your TV Area Clean and Tidy


Worried about a messy TV area bulked up with untidy wires here and there? Samsung One Connect Box not only keeps the area clean and tidy but also gives you the ease of handling clutter of wires. Not only this, the One Connect Box gives the TV’s surrounding area an enhanced look.

What is Samsung One Connect Box?

However, Samsung One Connect Box also gives the option to hide behind the TV’s back. In this way, you get relieved to take care of the wires coming out from behind the back of the TV. In an article, Samsung mentioned that this option comes with Neo QLED 8K TVs, so with this set of TVs, you get a whole of an option to get the periphery of the screen clear of any unsightly wires.

Some Specifications of Samsung One Connect Box

Samsung One Connect Box 2021 model is quite an improved and enhanced version from its predecessors. It has a smart look with curved edges and even small size, and even thinner than ever.

Clear Screen Provide you with Undivided Attention

Apart from all these modifications, the box utilizes a thinner and translucent cable that adjusts itself with the surroundings making itself hard to be visible. The device affords connections ranging from the power cable to HDMI cable. So, you get nothing but all the clear space around your screen and you enjoy the screen, and what’s running on it, without getting your sight distracting by the cables around it.

Perfect for Gaming Experience

If you are a gaming person, you might like this gadget as next-gen gaming consoles are a mess. This little box will help you keep the surroundings of your screen clear and concentrate on your gaming experience.

HDMI Ports

HDMI 2.1 ports are so much common in Samsung’s TVs, and we very much expect them to include this one in their One Connect Box. However, as was mentioned earlier, Samsung mentioned the One Connect Box with their 8K TVs, so we might see the Box being optimized for these models.

What to Expect in 2021

Samsung One Connect Box in 2018 was quite versatile allowing a huge range of TVs to be shipped with it. However, in 2020, the list narrowed down and, in 2021 we expect an even fewer set of TVs will be shipped with this Box. The reason behind this as put by Samsung is its cost. Most people are reluctant to pay an extra amount for the box, therefore the company was compelled to reduce its manufacturing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Samsung One Connect box come with the TV?

Samsung ships its One Connect Box with Neo QLED 8K TVs, and there are three of them for this year. So, you can expect it to be shipped if you buy any one of them. However, due to its cost, you can expect to spend a higher budget if you decided to go for it as the One Connect Box is quite expensive.

Which Samsung TV has the One Connect Box?

In 2021, Samsung has decided to attach One Connect Box with its Neo QLED 8K TVs, though the range exceeded in previous years. This is due to the price hike that the customers are reluctant to pay.

Can Samsung TV work without One Connect Box?

The purpose of the One Connect Box is to clear up the periphery of the TV screen and provide the customer with the enhanced and easy option of connecting wires. Having said that, there is always the option to use Samsung TVs or any TVs without One Connect Box.


It seems that the spectrum of TVs for One Connect Box is shrinking year by year. However, this doesn’t define the effectiveness and benefit of the Box. Next-generation TVs might use One Connect Box as it gives a solution to the connection of wires and helps in making the surrounding of the TV screen clear of the clutter.

One may fear that wireless connections are on the rise and in the future, we might not need wires and such gadgets to handle wires. But still, the efficiency that wires offer, the wireless connection may not offer. Wireless connections are yet unstable compared to wired ones. Having mentioned that, the latest improvements in HDMI cables and their newer versions offer more clear resolution with high frequencies.

Samsung One Connect Box may be a solution to all your untidy wire problems and their handling issues.


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