Scratching the Surface on Facebook Advertising in E-Commerce – Episode 2


Online businesses are becoming widespread day by day with several new ideas. Setting a web business doesn’t want an awfully massive budget however methods to decide on the correct platform and attract the consumers. In today’s life, social media contains a vast impact on human life, be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, YouTube. Billions of individuals use it around the globe for various functions such as recreation, studying purposes, trade, and so on. Social media provides you with opportunities to earn cash similarly as providing recreation.

One of the foremost widespread social media websites, Facebook is an impressive platform that you will be able to use in E-Commerce and earn cash. The most common reason for using Facebook is that it is free of cost and has a vast content about almost everything. The content is developed by the users themselves. You can interact with people, have their opinions, and know what they want in a product or service. If you are willing to invest in any business and want to earn money through Facebook advertisements in E-Commerce, then this article is for you. In this article, we will provide you with all the knowledge you require to scratch the surface on Facebook advertising in E-Commerce.

What are Facebook and Instagram ads?

Facebook and instagram ads.
Facebook and Instagram ads.

Facebook and Instagram ads are tactics to target users based on their profiles and regions. There are two types of ads on Facebook and Instagram namely, Organic Facebook ads and Paid Facebook ads.

1) Organic Facebook Ads

Organic facebook ads
Organic Facebook ads

Organic Facebook ads are only restricted to your friends, followers, and fans. They can see your posts without paid trading. There are buy and sell products, advertisements for jobs, and anything you want to post. Before you post about something, make sure the group you are posting in, is Relevant and is near to you. Organic Facebook ads are also famous as Natural Facebook ads.

Furthermore, organic Facebook ads have few examples too. Examples included Group posts, page posts, Related pages, and suggested groups. In Group Posts, people included in the group can post ads about the product they want to sell. Page Posts, only you can post on your page. Posts should be made in such a way that they grab the attention of as many people as possible. In Related Pages, the pages are shown automatically by Facebook to the user. In Suggested Pages, it is when you search a particular group and Facebook suggests a similar group.

2) Paid Facebook Ads

Paid facebook ads
Paid Facebook ads

The Paid Facebook ads are a kind of advertisement in which the content is spread to a large number of people as a result of the paid distribution. There are two types of Paid Facebook ads, namely, Paid Posts and Boosted posts. The Paid Post is a kind of advertisement that is created by you to show this in the news feeds of the person who usually does not see your posts.

Boosted Posts, on the other hand, are the organic posts, but after paying the Facebook, it is shown to the followers who earlier were not seeing your posts.

Why are Facebook and Instagram Ads so Effective in E-commerce?

Facebook and Instagram Ads so Effective in E-commerce
Facebook and Instagram Ads so Effective in E-commerce

1) A few years ago, people used old methods to promote their products like Broachers, newspapers, posters, etc. But now that technology has revolutionized the era, the ways of marketing the product, job, accommodation, E-Commerce, everything is changed. Social media sites such as Facebook is dominating the social media as it has billions of users. You can show your ads on Facebook and Instagram at the same or separate.

2) From the youth to the older ones, everyone is active on Facebook. It is a great platform to advertise your products and earn handsome revenue. Facebook ads are effective in E-Commerce because it targets a vast amount of audience all over the globe and is also a cheap source of advertisement.

3) Setting your business account on Facebook is the first thing you need to do and then generate the Facebook Pixel to target and track the audience for future benefits. Not only this, but Facebook Pixel also generates data which you can use to upgrade your Facebook E-Commerce movement.

4) Facebook is also amazingly effective in the advertisement in E-Commerce because it is easy to target the audience through the location, devices, and interests of the audience. You can also target your previous customers and warm customers without having any difficulty. Moreover, one of the biggest effectiveness of using Facebook as your marketing strategy in E-Commerce is that you can promote your product or services internationally and take your business to the new horizons.

What Makes Facebook Ads Work in E-Commerce?

Facebook Ads Work in E-Commerce
Facebook Ads Work in E-Commerce

E-commerce is increasing day by day all over the world and social media plays a vital role in the flourishing of E-Commerce. And when talking about social media websites, how can someone forget about the Father of social media, Facebook. you just have to have a sharp mind to make the best use of it when it comes to the advertisements of the different products or services to be delivered to the targeted audience. Let’s have a look at the following points that will help you know how does the Facebook Ads work in E-Commerce.

1)  Add Attractive Images

People scroll through Facebook quickly, so if you want to want to grab the attention then, the images and the caption should be attractive and should be in the vibrant colors that can catch the eye of the audience.

2) Beautiful Models

When you are interacting with the humans, you also need to attract them by the beautiful faced models so that people can at least have an eye on your product and that might convince them to buy the product.

3) Understandable and User Friendly

Another tactic to grab the attention of the audience is that the advertisement should be easy to understand with simple language. It should not be confusing and hard to understand. The headlines or captions should catch the audience’s attention. Using words like, hurry up, do not miss, order now and avail discounts or adding deadline can be beneficial for the sale of your product.

4) Create A Custom Audience

One of the most effective tactics to target the audience is to create a custom audience. Custom audience means, by using the customer’s phone number, e-mail address, and pixels, you create your audience that is ideal for your product or services.

5) Adding Social Proof

Some people have trust issues when it comes to getting product selling online. To convince such type of audience and the new audience, one tactic that is being used by many businesses is adding social proof in their pages to make them believe that we will deliver the same product you see in our ads and there is no bluffing in our business. Existing customers review is also helpful.

Facebook Advertising on Comparison to Traditional Advertising

Facebook Advertising
Facebook Advertising

Every business needs a marketing strategy to get the maximum possible customers to offer their products or services. To do so, they find various tactics that will help them obtain their goals in business. We would like to take your attention to the benefits you can get by using Facebook ads over traditional ads.

  • Companies having an extremely limited budget can manage to afford traditional advertising as it costs too high and can cause them deficit in the capital. Also, traditional advertising is limited to the local region such as Local Television, radios, prints or billboards, etc. On the other hand, social media advertising, referring to Facebook advertising is a cheap source of advertising and can be feasible for everyone be it an entrepreneur or a multinational company.
  • Facebook advertising is not limited to any specific region; it is spread all over the globe. You can get international clients or customers as well. Facebook advertising is much more flexible than traditional advertising as you can change the advertising tactics by changing the message you convey and the objectives whenever you feel like.
  • One more advantage of Facebook advertising is that you can have your customer’s feedback and keeping their feedback in mind, you are able you know how satisfied your customer is with your product or services. you can communicate with your customers and take advice for them more often. And honestly, people like this sort of advertisement in E-commerce more than that of the traditional one. Because in traditional advertisement there is always a one-way conversation. You don’t get to know what people want in a product or how it should be improved as per the customer’s desire.
  • The traditional advertisement is time-consuming, and the statistics are not on time. While the Facebook advertisement is less time-consuming, and the statistics are always on time and are detailed.
  • When it comes to targeting the audience, traditional advertisement again fails to impress. On the other hand, targeting the audience is great on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Facebook advertisement once again impresses us with the huge audience and advertisement tactics. Facebook Pixels do wonders when targets the ideal audience not only locally but internationally.
  • Talking about the traditional advertisements, like televisions and radios, there is not enough information given in the ads and there is a chance that you might get bluffed. While Facebook advertisements are mostly detailed, and all information is given to the customers.

Transforming of Advertisements by the Social Media

Advertisements by the Social Media
Advertisements by the Social Media

With time, social media has transformed the advertisement game. The people are spending much time on social media than ever before and this has a ridiculously huge impact on their lives. Because of this reason, marketers start to connect with them through their advertisements. Keeping their eyes on the interests and priorities of the people, the marketing experts target the audience that is best for their product or services. Social media ads are more informative and detailed and are seen all over the world. You can order and get your favorite brand from anywhere in the world.

The beauty of Facebook is that, not every advertisement on Facebook is meant to earn money; some advertisements are made for awareness purposes as well. Trading has become simpler than it was before. Be it an entrepreneur or a multinational company, every business needs effective marketing with attractive tactics to earn a desired return on investment. For the newcomers having an average capital, social media advertising is the best option for them as it is cheap and easily accessible. And also, social media has large exposure, so that you can introduce your products or services internationally.

How Powerful are Social Media Ads in E-Commerce?

How Powerful are Social Media Ads in E-Commerce
How Powerful are Social Media Ads in E-Commerce

Never underestimate the power of social media. As we have discussed earlier that social media has a great impact on people’s life. That is why in a competitive market where you have many rivals around you, all you need to do is think strategically about marketing. It plays a vital role in the making of a brand name. Many good products are left unsold if the company is unable to attract the audience and has no marketing skills. And many average products are sold quickly just because of the marketing tactics used in their advertisements because the company’s marketing experts were successful in driving the traffic to their advertisement page. This is the power of social media ads in E-Commerce. Social media has the power to make your company from nothing to a brand and from a brand to nothing. Also, you can communicate with your customers directly. Most companies in the world are keeping some capital to invest in the marketing of their products and services when preparing a budget for the year.

And It’s a Wrap-Up

Facebook advertising is an essential tool in E-Commerce because it connects people from all over the world and you can offer your services and introduce your business with the audience you think is perfect for your business. Cheap to invest but great in return. Its greater exposure will flourish your business by showing your business to the targeted audiences and you can earn a very handsome return.


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