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The Most Important Checklist to Organize a Party




If you were given the task of organizing a party, you would know that it’s really not as simple as most people think. It’s not just about calling people to a place. You have to plan a lot of little details and make sure the entire event is completed within time limits. You even have to decide on a table for each guest and a number of activities according to time. If you are doing this for the first time, this article has useful tips for you. 

Decide Your Budget

Always start with the budget. There are a lot of things you can do. You can even call Johnny Depp in the event, but I doubt you can afford it. This is why you have to decide every step according to your budget. Once you have a number, you should write how much money should be spent on the venue, catering, and entertainment. You can find each of those options in cheap and luxury. Of course, you could take the party to Las Vegas in the Ceaser’s Palace if your budget allows it. However, be sure to consider the ease for your guests. 

Make a Guest List

After you have decided on a budget, you need to make a list of all guests that will be coming. It is going to go well if a hundred guests appear when you only arranged for fifty. Talk to all concerned persons to make a list of guests and call them to confirm their availability on the date and time before you confirm them. Once you have a final list, you need to know what kind of party would be easy and according to their taste. You would not want to force them to fly to another state just for a party. If it’s on the weekend and you are arranging the place to stay, I am sure most of them wouldn’t mind. 

Find a Venue

With a proper budget and final guest list, you need to look for a hall rental that would easily accommodate all the guests and is within your budget. You should try to find a place that is easy to reach for everyone. Don’t just look at the convenience of the host, although this matters the most. You should also make it as easy to find and reach for your guests as possible. Make sure you meet the manager of the hall to see their attitude. If they are not professional, they will only embarrass you in front of all the guests. 

Choose a Theme

Each party should have a theme. You don’t necessarily have to dress them a certain way to create a theme. It’s more about how you want to decorate the venue. You can also match the catering and entertainment with the theme. Decide if you will be calling a live band or a DJ. If it’s a kids’ party, you might also have to arrange for a clown or magician. Plan according to the personalities of your guests and how you know them. 


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