TheWiSpy Review: Track Kids Location with Parental Controls

Track Kids Location with Parental Controls
Track Kids Location with Parental Controls

Partying with friends and coming late at night is common among modern kids. In addition cell phones are an integral part of teen’s life, they live on social media and the excessive use of mobile devices lead them to dire consequences. The internet is a dark place, and kids can pick up evil habits and end up in dangerous situations. 

Parents are worried about children’s safety and are failing to control them all the time. There are strangers on the internet harassing children and playing with their mental health. According to recent studies, up to 30-50% of kids face depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues in their school days. It affects their studies, confidence level, and risk kid’s future. 

As a parent, the least you can do is keep an eye on your kids’ online activity and ensure where they are while away from home. One of the best solutions is to install spy software for android on your kid’s phone for monitoring purposes. It will allow you to keep track of your kid’s activity and track their location within seconds. Although there are many good options for spy apps on the internet, TheWiSpy is the best parental control app.

What is TheWiSpy?

TheWiSpy is the best parental control app on the internet that allows you to track your kid’s location and online movement remotely. It works in stealth mode; the whole monitoring is done in secrecy and remotely. The primary purpose of this app is to provide exceptional parental controls that will help you control internet usage and get updates on recent locations. 

There are more than 30 features that TheWiSpy offers, especially for parents. The tracked information is updated on the dashboard, where you can see it. The spy app for android is simple, the user activates the feature, and the app starts to fetch the required data. If you want real-time results, it is available for you, and if you wish to report updates, then you’ll get it as well. 

How does it help parents to track kids?

You can install TheWiSpy kids monitoring app on your child’s device. Either it’s a cell phone, laptop, or tablet, it works effectively. You will have complete access to your kid’s phone. That’s right, and you can monitor their phone calls, text messages, and most importantly, their location. 

The app’s functionality is in an incognito mode that gives the parents a benefit, and that is, your kid will never know that TheWiSpy has installed on the phone. That’s a huge advantage because this generation is quite good with technology, and they can turn off restrictions quickly. But not with TheWiSpy best parental control app, because it’s undetectable in tracking. 

Benefits of using TheWiSpy parental controls:

Indeed, monitoring kids personally has crossed your mind because it is what you know and might be convenient. But think logically, you can’t get physically present around children, and you don’t have access to their smart devices all the time. So yes, is the better choice, and here are some of the benefits that you can’t ignore. 

  • Monitor phone activity remotely:

It’s less likely for a parent to know what’s going on in their kid’s life, but with TWS, you can monitor the phone activity remotely while sitting on your office chair. The spy software android is designed with advanced technology, so it’s possible to get the latest activity within seconds. 

  • Unlimited parental controls:

It is surreal that an android spy app can provide 30+ parental controls within one roof. You can spy on stored files and can track the installed application’s live activity. If you feel your child is watching something inappropriate, then you can block the website or uninstall the app.

  • Protection of data:

Spy apps require full access to personal data. There are many fraud spy apps for android on the internet that manipulate private information. But TheWiSpy is 100% secure, and you can trust that there isn’t any breach of privacy on the app’s end.

  • Locate kid’s device:

TWS offers the most crucial function, and that is to locate your teen’s device. For example, suppose a scenario in which your daughter lost her cell phone, and it has private data. If you had installed the best parental control app, then you can track down the exact location. But, on the other hand, you can find out about your child’s current hanging spot using the GPS tracker.

TheWiSpy parental controls:

The most integral part of the TWS app is that it has unmatchable parental controls. Not only the features are extensive in number, but they also offer high-quality results. You can find a package within the spy application and stop stressing over your child’s safety all the time. Here are some of the controls explained and how they work and help parents better and secure the world.

GPS tracker:

If you want to know your teen’s exact location, use a GPS tracker.  It is the ultimate option than looking them in person and wasting hours. Imagine using this feature in a dangerous situation, and you can secure your kid without wasting time.

You can activate the GPS tracker and command the app to open the map and send instant updates to the dashboard. Get real-time and accurate results in seconds using the spy app for android. 

Call log tracking: 

You will have access to the call logs using this feature, view the history of the exchange of calls on the target phone. You will get a report on the details of the rings, such as the contact name, phone number, and duration as well. You can block the contacts that you feel are a threat to your kid. 

Remote control to the device:

TWS allows complete access to the target device remotely; you can make changes such as block an app or delete some files. The main goal of spy software for android is to offer parents control where they don’t have to access the phone yet can monitor and sway their kids’ activities. 

App Tracker:

You can control every installed application on the spied device using the advanced app tracker feature. For example, children spend most of their time on social media apps and entertainment apps; you can get more updates on their life by monitoring these apps. 

SMS Tracker:  

Ensure your children are not talking to strangers or in a harmful situation by checking their daily SMS communication. TheWiSpy offers an SMS tracker which helps you view phone and social media platform messages. You can delete texts or block specific ids using this feature.


It is the most advanced feature that TheWiSpy kids monitoring app offers, and you can restrict specific areas from the map using this function. Consider it as a boundary for kids where they can’t go because of security purposes. And if they enter the place, then TWS will send you an alert so you can stop them or punish them later.


TheWiSpy spy app for android has this striking key-logger feature that stores essential keys such as passwords, login details, and aggressive words. It helps the app accessing all the social media accounts as well as a browser for spying. So, you don’t have to stress if the phone locks or accounts passwords are changed because TheWiSpy will take care of it.

History control:

Teenage is when kids explore different things on the internet, such as pornography, adult films, and other addictive games. They might search for drugs or suicide because of the stress in school or life. Here’s when TWS is helpful for parents, it provides history control to you where you can view the browsed things. You can also block certain web pages and view saved cookies.  

What is the price plan of TheWiSpy?

TWS has numerous features that can fulfill every monitoring need, but sometimes users have different spying purposes. They might want some part or like the spy software for android for a certain period. TheWiSpy is the best parental control app because it has different price plans and package periods. 

TWS is available in three affordable plans; starter, standard, and premium plan. Furthermore, these packages are divided into 1-6 months period with different prices. You can start monitoring with TheWiSpy for $9.99 only. Visit for more details on the TWS plan. 

Which devices does TheWiSpy support?

TheWiSpy is an android spy app; you can install it on any compatible Android device. TWS supports android mobile phones and tabs with 4 OS version up to the most updated one. So, no matter what model of device you have, you can enjoy advanced features without any restriction if it is supported. 


Kids monitoring apps have become an essential part of today’s parent’s life because it helps them monitor and control children’s online activities. TheWiSpy is one of the best parental control apps globally that offer exceptional features with real-time and quality results. You can use undetectable functions to protect your child and find out their locations in seconds. No more secrets or problems are waiting for you because you hold control of your teen’s social life.


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