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Top 9 Dissertation Referencing Tips and Tricks




A dissertation is an essential part of your higher studies. Writing a good dissertation helps to obtain a degree with distinction. Students struggle and work hard to write their dissertations well-researched and well-structured. The most important and difficult part of the dissertation is dissertation referencing. Almost every student finds it difficult when he includes references in their dissertation. Because adding references to a dissertation is dull and boring, the majority of students fall short throughout the whole process. To do proper dissertation referencing, you need to follow some referencing rules. These rules depend on the style of referencing you want to pursue in your dissertation. To include dissertation referencing, you must ensure some tips and tricks so you can’t struggle while referencing. This article will provide you with the top 9 tips and tricks for dissertation referencing.

Top 9 Dissertation Referencing Tips and Tricks

Select your referencing style

Before starting dissertation referencing, every student is given a referencing style to follow. You can also check the requirement of your institution because many institutes prefer a specific referencing style for dissertation writing. APA, Harvard, MLA, and Chicago (CMS) are the well-known and most common referencing styles used in different institutes. Choose the style of referencing which is preferred by your university. Follow the rules of your selected referencing style during including the references.

Learn the rules of your selected referencing style

After understanding the style of referencing for your dissertation, your next step is to learn the rules for references of it. You can find many articles on the internet that properly describes the rules of different referencing styles. Select a few articles that are written in your selected referencing style. By reading those articles, you can fully understand the rules of your concerned referencing style.

Assemble the list of references while writing your dissertation

It would be best if you assemble the list of references side-by-side while writing your dissertation. Do not skip to include it at the end of your writing. A major reason for not doing this is that you may forget to include some important sources when you try to assemble all the references at the end of your writing. That may result in plagiarism in your dissertation. To avoid this problem, during writing, include referencing sources from where you collect the information.

Know when you should use in-text citation

After completing their dissertation referencing, most students think their dissertation lacks many in-text citations. Because of this, they add irrelevant in-text citations to look better. But remember that the quality of your dissertation is more important than its look. Only add citations when you use information from other sources in your research; otherwise, there is no need for it.

Arrange your references in alphabetical order

If you want to do your dissertation referencing as a professional, you should arrange the references in alphabetical order. It is the most simple but important thing to do in your referencing style. Almost every style of referencing has a rule of arranging the sources alphabetically. Suppose you forget to follow that rule and include your references irregularly. Using Microsoft word, you can easily rearrange the references alphabetically. You just need to select all references and click on the button A>Z. Your references will automatically arrange in alphabetical order.

Make sure that every reference has the same font size and style

Another thing for making your dissertation referencing look like professional work is ensuring that every reference has an equal font size and the same font style. Because if you submit your dissertation with different styles, it will negatively impact the instructor. The referencing style mostly defines your reference’s font size and style. If it does not explain, you should use the font style of Calibri and a font size of 12.

Simplicity and Repetition

Using a similar format throughout your paper is the most important thing you can do when dissertation referencing. It is much easier for the reader to identify the sources of your citations and the reference list is simple and repeatable. However, hire dissertation writing service if you can’t include your references as simple and repeatable. Their experts will include the references in your dissertation.

You can use google scholar for dissertation referencing

You can use google scholar to add references to your dissertation. If you find it difficult to write references and citations using the referencing style, you can open google scholar and paste your source of information into it. After analysing for some time, it will provide you with references of the source in every referencing style.

Proofread your references

After completing dissertation referencing, you should reread all the references and ensure there is no mistake. Ensure that all of your references are supported by complete publishing information.


Dissertation referencing is the most significant and difficult part of writing a dissertation. You can use different referencing styles for references in your dissertation. Every style of referencing has its own rules that you must follow.


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