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The release of a limited run of 14.75 oz. selvedge Denim Nudie Jeans is more than just the debut of a brand-new product Denim Jeans. Through partnership esteems Cone Mills of North Carolina, this is the first time a Nudie Jeans product has been made entirely in the United States.
The Swedish firm Nudie was determined to break into the American market with its eco-friendly, minimalistic style.


According to Maria Erixon, co-founder and creative director of Nudie Jeans’ lean dean brand, the two companies had previously spoken, but the latter had been hesitant to work with organic cotton. Erixon found a pair of selvedge Denim Nudie Jeans she liked in Cone’s existing line after an exploratory meeting in Los Angeles in early 2014.

Jeans are on sale now with the help of a nudie jeans coupon.


Cone was ask to investigate producing the fabric from organic cotton. A month later, we got an immediate response saying it was possible, and several months after that, the Denim Nudie Jeans was manufacture using only organic cotton.


Nudie has provide the following technical specifications:

Pure and unprocessed organic cotton

13 ounce weight Japanese stretch selvedge fabric

Snippets of orange yarn

Antique silver jewellery with ornate engravings

With a Front Zipper Closure

Both the waist and the leg openings are tight.


Nudie Jeans offers more than ten different fits, ranging from loose to extremely tight. There’s a good reason why this style is called the “Lean Dean.” They are not skintight but have a flattering silhouette that tapers from the thigh to the leg opening. If you want to achieve a leaner, more athletic look, the Lean Dean cut may be for you.

Japan’s Stretch Denim Nudie Jeans

Each pair of these jeans weighs around 13 ounces thanks to the use of Japanese stretch selvedge Denim Nudie Jeans by Nudie. Specifically, it’s 98% cotton and 2% spandex. They were a bit stiff for the first day or so, but it wasn’t anything major. The Triumph Scrambler’s break-in time seemed to shorten after being stretch by 2%. They get more snug and comfortable to my feet with each wear.


Thanks to the availability of test subjects in various dimensions, I was able to conduct my research. Since I knew dry Denim Nudie Jeans would be stiff and would need time to relax, I size down from my usual 32 waist to a 30. Try on a few different sizes to find the one that fits you best; they stretch.


Actually, my only major gripe is that the front pockets are too small. Many of my earlier pairs of jeans had much roomier pockets. There’s just a bit of room for improvement; they don’t fit my iPhone XR. My phone has a tendency to stick out a little bit unless I tuck it in near my thigh.

If that’s the case, my phone starts to freak out whenever I lift a leg to go up a set of stairs or steps. This is something that I anticipate getting better at after the initial period of adjustment.


I’ve got a good feeling about this. Including the careful stitching and the elegant cut. Thank you, that was the answer I was looking for… Jeans that fit well, last a long time, and are made of durable Denim Nudie Jeans.

Nudie jeans lean dean might be my new favourite pair of jeans.


In this article, we take a look at the Nudie Lean Dean in Dry Cold Black. Recently, I’ve been gravitating towards Nudie, a brand that specializes in Denim Nudie Jeans that is stiffer, thicker, and has minimal stretch. I really respect that even with vintage washes, the brand prioritises heritage and originality. Additionally, they offer a number of fitting options, so I wasn’t restricted to the traditional wet molding or straight leg style.


Since it was the smallest size offer, I went with a 28. A size 28 fits me in the Tight Long John, even though my normal size is 27. It was 100% cotton, so they did stretch a little, but not enough to go down two sizes. They’re still soft and flattering after two weeks of wear.


The fabric is why I chose these particular jeans from Nudie jeans lean dean. As I’ve already mention, there are several reasons why I prefer thicker jeans. The decline of Denim’s Nudie Jeans prominence in popular culture and the fashion industry. The fabric we love has taken a hit from all the attention paid to its stretchy properties and the latest fashion trends.

They’re 100% cotton and hold their shape and size better than some of my stretch jeans. They don’t bag under pressure or slide because they’re so pliable. The fabric is very comfy. I’ve never felt softer 100% cotton than on these. Because they are not abrasive, they can be worn all the time without causing discomfort.

These are great options to consider if you’re looking for classic Denim Nudie Jeans . They revitalize my love for denim, and I can’t wait to see how its story develops.


For a closer fit, try Tight Terry. All Tight Terry jeans have a midrise, zip fly, and a slim, ankle-hugging cut. These power stretch denim skinny jeans look great with oversize shirts.


These sleek Nudie jeans were craft from premium stretch denim Nudie Jeans for maximum comfort. This dry, dark blue option has been through 16 indigo washes, as suggest by its moniker.

They are less flexible and more prone to shrinkage than washed versions of stretch denim Nudie Jeans. Inseam reduction of 2% is necessary, as is breadth reduction of 4-6%. Therefore, it is not advise that you order a size down.

Italian in origin

Elastane and cotton blend (99.99%)

Denim Nudie Jeans with a stretch for comfort, weighing in at 11.5 ounces; the cotton use in its production is certify organic.

A vivid orange thread is use for all of the stitching.

In a copper frame

Thin, taper cut Leather zipper fly patch

Confining leg space

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