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Top Tips for Tenant Screening




Tenant background check gives you a complete picture of the applicant, from their rental history to any criminal records that may exist against them. Landlords can verify and choose the best renter for the property by screening prospective tenants with a renter background check, frequently accompanied with a credit report.

Conducting thorough Tenant Background Check:

Quality renters are a vital aspect of long-term profitability for experienced rental property owners. Once you’ve found a good tenant, you’ll have a long-term relationship with that person. It’s critical to conduct thorough tenant screening before renting to anyone. If you don’t, you could end up losing money in the long run. Following are Top Tips for Tenant Screening

Create a List of Requirements and Document them:

All applicants will be rejected at some point during the screening process. Declining an application is well within your rights. Some applicants may be regarded as members of a protected class due to housing laws set forth by the state or federal government. When it comes to housing, applicants may accuse you of discrimination. You have legal protection provided you can prove your qualifications.

Find OutHow much Money You are Getting?

Verifying income sources is critical when your Chicago property management company is assessing rental applications or existing renters. Tenant background check stubs and other forms of official paperwork are becoming increasingly easy to falsify today. They can also check with their job and previous employers to make sure they are legitimate, and you are not a victim of fraud.

Attempt to Reconnect with Former Landlords:

Use previous renting experience to your advantage if the candidate has it. Make contact with at least one or two past landlords to understand how the tenant treats you and your property. You’d like an unbiased assessment of the prospective tenant. An ex-landlord who wants the tenant to leave quickly may write a positive review on him or her.

Hire a Property Manager if you Want to Avoid it:

To save time and effort in managing a rental property, such as collecting rent payments and dealing with tenant issues, you may choose to hire a property manager. If you get overburdened with landlord duties, an experienced property manager can help you manage Tenant background check properties.

Use Social Media to Your Obvious Benefit: 

Since you have the applicants’ names and locations down pat, you may use their social media profiles to dig deeper into their backgrounds. The best places to begin are on Facebook and Instagram. You may also utilize LinkedIn to find out about a person’s employment history and where they’ve lived. You can verify for consistency or even inconsistency in the application by comparing it to these profile examples.

Checking Your Background is Crucial:

Background checks are crucial for the protection of your tenants, as well as for the safety of both you and your property. A background check should be performed on every adult who signs up for the service. To ensure that potential tenants are safe and do not have a criminal history that puts them in jeopardy, your Chicago property management staff should inspect anybody of legal age.

Check Your Credit:

Even though your tenants appear kind and polite, remember that you must conduct a thorough background check on them. The easiest way to determine whether or not your potential tenants are good fits for your properties is to conduct a tenant screening. By Tenant background check their prior rent payments, you’ll be able to see if this person is reliable when making their payments currently.

Check Land Registry:

It’s best to have your Realtor or lawyer run a land registry check on the current and previous landlord’s addresses. According to the Land Registry, the tenant has been truthful and forthright about his or her name and address if the names provided match. Do your due diligence and confirm the name of your landlord by going through the correct processes.


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