What is IGTOK any how to use it to increase your following


If you were also wondering to get a solution or any professional help to assist your social media profile growth while handling many complications and competitions in social media sites then you are fortunately now reached at the right place where you will be informed about an amazing program IGTOK which will figure out all of your problems in one platform very easily. So first of all let us tell you an overview of IGTOK

What is IGTOK?

IGTOK is a program basically used for social media account management. It helps people to increase their accounts visibility, following, popularity, views, likes, story, views, etc. It basically builds up your account and makes it more better but it doesn’t mean that they provide all of these services through false accounts or by using larva.

IGTOK strengthens, increases, and maintains everything very naturally, organically but the advertising you’re both profiles. It makes you stand out of the crowded marketplace and make your own identity and business grow well.

More than 10 lac people have used the platform for their business. Moreover, it also helps its users to share their important files and information with others efficiently. It is easy to use and helpful to maintain multiple accounts at the same time quite smoothly. It is also customizable so that you should feel good and satisfied while using it.

This online social media marketing site and platform offers a lot of free services with the free version of it and  by all of the services you need to expand your account/ profile are provided on premium versions of the IGTOK platform.

It may cost you money but it will surely be meaningful for the people who truly treat their business and reputation professionally. It is mainly used for Instagram and Tiktok and it offers a lot of packages for these forums. Here are some options offered for Instagram:

  • Free IGTV view
  • Free video view
  • Free explore view
  • Free IGTV view
  • Free IGTV live
  • Free likes
  • Free profile view
  • Free story view

And furthermore, there are some options offered for Tiktok:

  • Free likes
  • Previews
  • Free followers

Premium packages offered by IGOK:

In this modern time, social media is an important and necessary need for every person. Almost every business has its official profile account on different social media platforms to catch the attention of their customers and clients and their needs.

They have to engage with their audience and expand their following. So IGTOK came fulfills people’s such sorts of needs by creating a platform and offering several premium packages for your businesses with many top-notch quality programs ranging from $3 to $200. Further details about some of those packages are maintained below

Packages for Followers

500K certified fans are provided in $5

1000 Instagram followers for $10

And if you want 5000 Instagram followers you will get it in $36

 $64 are charged for 10,000 Instagram followers.

Packages for views

It will give you 50,000 Instagram views for just $7

Next, there is an offer of  100,000 views for just $12

And for $30 it will provide you with 1,000,000 views

Web based services

You should know that this is web based service and a computer. Although it has helped a lot of people to build and strengthen their profiles through its mind blowing programs but you should be aware of fraudulent claims.

Because it may tempt them to purchase fake profiles and bots so you should use them wisely and aim to do everything naturally, genuinely and not to use fake bots and profiles because this process will end up irritating your following and the loss will be yours

How to do payment

Users are given a variety of methods to pay according to their ease. They can do their payments via pioneer, Western Union, Bitcoin, or any other method.

Does IGTOK cost money?

It doesn’t cost money for the free version it offers. However for the massive features and better results you can get the premium version of it and enjoy the services of the forum where you can get the chance to avail yourself of any of the packages among a total of 12 paid plans offered by IGTOK

How followers, views, and like can be increased on Instagram through IGTOK

The program will increase your profile’s visibility and advertise your profile along with the help of IGTV and Instagram itself. All of the processes will be organic and genuine so IGTOK is All in one service platform/ application that makes your profile most efficient and productive.

How to use IGTOK:

The best way to use IGTOK is from the official website of it. You don’t have to put any sort of password. You can easily and quickly sign up by following the instructions and by providing the information they ask for as: email ID, using, etc. Furthermore, you also have to provide your Instagram ID or Tiktok ID and submitted to allow IGTOK to help you out on these forums.

Alternative websites for IGTOK

  1. Follower packages

This website is well known for its services. It will just boost up the exposure of your profile and advertise it on various places. It doesn’t matter who you are either you are an influencer, businessman, fashion Blogger, health fanatic, cook, musician, artist, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, or anything; doesn’t matter at all. All that matters is how you grow your profile and make it reach most of the people’s screens h.

They Even have served for many other brands and businesses in past.

They offers their subscription plans that range from $15 to $120. You will get different packages in different prices and that are following:

  • You will get 500 Instagram followers in $15
  • 4000 Instagram followers in $19
  • 2000 Instagram followers in $35
  • 5000 Instagram followers in $60
  • 10,000 Instagram followers in $120
  1. IO

 IO is best place to go  specifically if you want to advertise your account very accurately. It will help your account to achieve your peak position and make you a real life social media celebrity in no time. They also have collaborated with big names in past to make them a big name.

  1. Viralyft

This particular site should be chased to gain more and more followers and increase the number of fans or followers. To do so it has many features offered. They may also link you with many communities which are going to support you in the same way. The subscription plans are

  • 100 Instagram followers in $3
  • 250 Instagram followers in $5
  • 500 Instagram followers in $7.00
  • 2500 Instagram followers in $36
  • 1500 Instagram followers in $18
  • 1000 Instagram followers in $99
  • Or an alternative way to get 5000 Instagram followers in just $56
  1. Famoid

This website uses different strategies and tools specifically to increase the popularity of their customer and for this purpose they may provide you different suggestions and advises for your account.

Frequently asked questions about IGTOK

Q: What is IGTOK?

It is an online marketing platform majorly for Instagram and Tiktok to increase  and expand the network resulting in increasing the businesses.

Q:  How much does IGTOK costs?

Normally it doesn’t costs anything. It offers a lot in free version but for people who want to avail fully advantage of it they can also avail premium package and the subscription plans are discussed prior in the article.

Q: Is IGTOK safe to use?

Yes, it is safe until you do not ruin your reputation by using fake bots or fake profiles. It is very helpful if you use it to built natural audience.

Q: What are the advantages of  IGTOK?

There are a lot of advantages of IGTOK which are very helpful, efficient and productive. Today it is need of every person to make their business grow well so the  advantages of IGTOK are following which will help you out:

  • It offers different packages
  • It offers many services and programs for free
  • It increases your popularity
  • It maintains your social media account
  • Offers you free Instagram followers

Q: How to use IGTOK?

  • Search IGTOK from Google Chrome and open it.
  • From the platform select the facility you want to have.
  • Suppose if you want to increase profile view
  • Click on profile view then upload account’s username as website asked.
  • Then press “go” then a link will appear; click on it.
  • You have successfully increased profile view.


The program is a smart solution and a better way to help you with your social media platforms expansion and exposure because of its variety of helpful high quality programs but as advised earlier not to use it for fake bot and profiles because it will cause your loss. Unless you don’t do such foolish things everything is well and good.

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