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Where to get Quantum Computer Hardware




Quantum Computing is not a typical concept. Nor is it a business idea that many can grasp to succeed. Quantum computing and quantum computer are yet to be developed to their full potential with all the right and high-capacity quantum components or hardware. 

If you are on this page, it is evident that you know a thing or two about quantum computing. So without going to the in-depth basics, this article will give details on where you can get quantum computer hardware to build one. Or even a prototype of it for research purposes. 

Assuming that we know about quantum computers using and analyzing stuff in “qubits,” quantum computers indeed require high capacity components that can handle the quantum environment and yet, work actively to solve highly complex problems. 

Quantum computer hardware needs to be exponentially durable, highly resistant to extreme temperature changes, yet flexible enough to be made into diverse structures and setups. These hardware components requirements of quantum computers make it another level of computer far in excellence than conventional computers. 

As the quantum computing industry is creating a solid foothold in the competitive drive and market, there has been an explosion of quantum mechanics and hardware component technologies. Companies, business people, and individuals saw the potential in the quantum field and made huge investments as well. 

Reaching heights of success in the field of quantum computing will take time. Until then, here are a few quantum computing businesses or companies engaged in producing quantum computer hardware in 2022. 

Quantum computing hardware companies

Delft Circuits 

Delft Circuits, founded in 2016, is a company dealing with producing Cri/oFlex® products in the Netherlands. Their products are one of the perfect solutions to quantum computer hardware cabling needs. They have testing facilities and production houses to produce hardware components that can create microwave channels. Their main product is flexible, scalable, and cryogenic solid i/o cables. 

Suppose you need cryogenic quantum cables to set up the hardware components in a quantum computer. In that case, Delft Circuits is quite a good option. 


Based in England, AegiQ deals in creating high-performance on-demand single photons for quantum photonic systems. As a startup in quantum technologies and hardware components, their product uses light properties that can be applied in different fields like microscopy, imaging, and quantum communications. Recently, they joined hands with the EPIC (European Photonics Industry Consortium) as a leap into the quantum computing sector. 

Alpine Quantum Technologies (QAT)

Situated in Austria, Alpine Quantum Technologies (QAT) is a quantum startup that uses trapped ion technology in quantum computing. They build quantum information processors with ion technology for general purposes. Their products have high scalability, high performance, and a broad range of applicability. Recently, they reached a crucial point in their business by building a general-purpose QC. 


Bleximo is another popular startup in California that specializes in building Quantum Accelerators. They are designed to solve particular problems in different industries leveraging the law of quantum physics to analyze and get a solution. Their accelerators can also, potentially, simulate the properties and structures of molecules and chemical reactions in general. This ability of the quantum accelerators is helpful for the pharmaceutical industry. 


As a French quantum computing startup, PASQAL has some amazing quantum hardware component inventions in its pocket. Founded in 2019, PASQAL’s main product is quantum processors. They build them using neutral atoms to benefit quantum technologies. 

High Precision Devices (HPD)

High Precision Device (HPD) is a quantum computing hardware entity in Colorado specializing in producing cryogenic instruments for quantum purposes. They provide their products and quantum solutions to private companies, universities, and government labs for research purposes. 

Primarily, their products follow multiple technological approaches like cryogenics, electronics, optics, vacuum, precision mechanics, and magnetism. 

Branecell Systems 

Branecell Systems is s startup in Massachusetts and identify itself as a decentralized ambient quantum computer company. Their goal is to produce quantum solutions to solve classic IT systems problems. Hence, they deal with building quantum cloud computing tools and quantum software.  

ORCA Computing

Established in 2019, ORCA Computing is situated in London and is another well-known quantum computing hardware company. They base their products on scalability, flexibility, and modular quantum computing platforms using photonics connectivity. They always strive to reach new heights with new QC discoveries and inventions. 


Quantum computing is not a subject of research and studies only today. People and taking an interest in its high capabilities for future changes. Hence, quantum computing is an impressive business prospect if all goes well. 

Quantum computing alone cannot bring success to this business and start-ups. They also need input using artificial intelligence to enhance the data analysis and real applicability. If you plan to make a quantum computer, you know where to get the required quantum computing hardware components. 


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