YONGU Products: Heatsink Rack Mount enclosure with handle

YONGU Products: Heatsink Rack Mount enclosure with handle

The Heatsink Rack Mount enclosure with handles is a product manufactured by the YONGU company. Heatsink Rack Mount enclosure with handle is a part of the rack and pinion and for mounting on top of equipment or machinery that generates excess heat. Heatsink Rack Mount enclosure with handle has three rack mounts, which allow you to install up to 3 pieces of Heat sinks into your Heat sink Rack Mount enclosure. The Heat sinks are mounted in parallel formation, maximizing the cooling surface area available for each Heat sink.

Who is YONGU?

Guangdong Yong Electronics Machinery Technology Co., Ltd is a professional, intelligent manufacturer based in Foshan, China, the center of the aluminum industry. We have eight years of aluminum enclosure export experience and seventeen years of aluminum enclosure industrial expertise. Customers include digital communication, environment monitoring, security equipment, rail transit, and outdoor electronics systems.

They manufacture all sorts of portable room equipment, including screen dividing units, cargo trolleys with seating, garment racks for offices and bedrooms, wardrobe systems for living rooms and kitchens, screens for entertainment centers. They employ a CNC machine, laser cutting machine, carving machine, tapping machine, bending machine, grinding mill, etc. More than 1000 molds are available with a fixed width, height, and length: aluminum extrusion enclosures, power amplifier chassis, 19-inch rack mount chassis, instrument chassis, and metal boxes.

Why should you pick You?

You are one of the most significant manufacturers in China, with a record of building high-quality enclosures for electronics equipment worldwide.

Types of Heatsink Rack Mount enclosure with handle:

Customization Aluminum Instrument Chassis

YOU CNC Customized Cutting hole Made Industrial Rack Mount Chassis D04 375*2U.

Its design combines high precision CNC machining with modular production. Its integration of aluminum, steel, and magnesium results in a lightweight device that is relatively inexpensive to mass-produce. The use of D series Instrument Chassis triggers the measurement process.


  1. Extruded side panel (flat, heatsink, or stripe) is optional.
  2. Customizable width and length
  3. Anodized colors
  4. Cut the designs out and machine them
  5. Customize the front panel

YOU specialized services for varying width, height, length, external surface design service, and the structure and CMF Designing Service to be excellent and fashionable. They were able to fulfill more rigorous production and finishing requirements for enclosures by adhering to the complete process of milling and carving with advanced on-site information management.

YOU H02 50W21H Extrusion Split Aluminum Enclosure

  1. Customized 50mm width, 21mm height, and 7.5-inch display
  2. The split-type body has a replaceable belly plate that makes it simple to access the top interior of the cage.
  3. Sandblasting and brushed surface finishing are also available for this model. It is available in a variety of anodized colors.
  4. Customize the size, cutout, silkscreen, or laser engraving.

YOU IP68 Wall-mounted Outdoor Aluminum Enclosure L09A 185*135mm

  1. IP68 is the highest IP rating possible.
  2. Design service is available.
  3. There is no minimum order quantity.
  4. Customized hole drilling
  5. Anodizing is available in different colors.
  6. Support for laser engraving and silk screening

You can check more products on their website and choose that what you want

Conclusion paragraph:

We have a few more points to make before we wrap up. On quality, Yougu products with care and precision in materials that will last for years. The aluminum body is lightweight but highly durable, so it can withstand bumps and drops during shipping or on-site installation while still protecting your sensitive equipment inside from damage.

And finally, if this product isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, don’t worry because we’ve got plenty of other “Heatsink Rack Mount enclosure with the handle” available, too…see them all by clicking here. Our carbon fiber enclosure always weighs about 1/4th as much as an aluminum case for those who want something even lighter weight! So go first and take benefit of our special offers.


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