Why your face shape matters most during hat selection

Why your face shape matters most during hat selection

Do all women wear hats? Perhaps no, but most of them do. Those who stay away from hats might have their reasons, and some women think that hats don’t suit them. It might sound a bit puzzling because hats are so versatile that there is a hat for everyone, only you must know how to choose. Picking up any hat that looks very nice is not the way to select hats because after making the primary choice, you must try it out to see how good it looks on your face.  Among various hats available, including womens top hat, you must know which type of hat is just for you.

Another vital tip for hat skeptics is to try wearing it a few times before falling in love with it. Those not used to wearing hats often feel that it does not suit them. Trying out many hats will finally help to know which type and size of hats would go well with your face shape. Although the choice of hats depends on the frame size, the impact of the face shape is much more than anything else. It means that before you set your eyes on hats, you must first be sure about your face shape so that the task of selecting hats becomes easy.

Other factors to consider

Despite crossing the first hurdle in hat selection, there are still chances of getting it wrong because, besides the hat style, you must even consider the functionality. Hats are beautiful looking but highly functional headgears, and once you sort out the aesthetics, you should focus on functionality. Close to its heels comes the seasonal factor as it has a relation to functionality. The season and the weather are important considerations in hat selection. A good hat can elevate your looks while helping to make the outfit shine, and choosing the right hat for the right occasion will help you stand out from the crowd.

Determine your face shape

You should know your face shape, not only for choosing hats, even spectacles, or deciding on the type of haircut. However, the task can be tricky if you do not know the parameters that define the face shape and the category to which it belongs. To categorize the face shape, consider the widest part, the length, and the jawline.

Identify the widest part – Check the measurements across the jawline, the cheekbones, and your forehead to identify which is the widest. The measurement can more accurately pinpoint the face shape.

The face length – Measure your face from the top of the forehead down to the chin. It will give a fair idea about whether your face is long or short or somewhere in between.

The jawline – Whether you have a prominent or suppressed jawline affects the shape of your face.

Once you know your face shape, start searching for hats that go well with the shape.

Hats for round face

Hats help to adjust your face shape, and you must know the way of doing it. If you have a round face, you would like to make it look slightly longer.  Porkpie hats, trilbys, and fedoras could be good for you but make sure that the hat does not sit too low on the forehead as it would only make your face look rounder.

Hats for a square-shaped face

Those with a square-shaped face with well-defined features would like to tone down the sharpness of the looks, and hat styles that provide a soft touch would be most suitable for them. Bucket hats, bowler hats, and cloches would look nice as it tones down the sharp edges and makes it look slightly blunt that evens out the prominence of the facial features. Other great options are berets and beanies.

Hats for oval face shape  

Oval face shape can adapt almost all hat styles as the proportion of the face is relatively even, and there is no need for any correction by choosing a particular type of hat. Those with an oval face can wear any hat and play wound with the styles to create their fashion. From beanies and berets to the baker boy’s hat to fedora, and from floppy hats to bucket hats, any kind of hat would be just fine.

Hats for heart-shaped face

The heart-shaped face resembles an oval face shape, and many types of hat styles would be suitable.  Since the forehead is wide and the chin narrow, to minimize the focus on the triangular shape of the face, it is better to avoid hats with wide brims. Instead, cloches and bucket hats would be just right.

Hats for rectangular face

Hats with narrow brims are ideal for those with a rectangular face. It helps to balance the length of the face so that it does not look too long. Hats that sit across the forehead create the right balance. Floppy styles help to emphasize the width and seem to be a good fit.


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