6 Ways To Become a Successful Entrepreneur in 2021

6 ways to become a successful entrepreneur

Today, I’ll be covering some more important success tips that have helped me transcend all my initial insecurities as a new marketer and led me on a wonderful path of learning, taking action, following through, and creating success.

1. Have a Passion

Ever wondered why some people achieve massive success in what they do? What’s the key ingredient?

They have a passion.

They enjoy what they are doing and that passion is the biggest motivating factor behind their success.

What about you?

Do you have passion, you know, that burning fire inside you that drives you to accomplish your goals?

Do you jump out of bed every morning with excitement looking forward to implementing your ideas, create stuff, and help others to get what they want?


I made a decision to create my own life plan and create success. Because of that smart decision, building my business is so much FUN! So you need to have a PASSION for what you do if you want to be successful. If your business is just a means to an end, something you’re suffering through, without reaching your goals, then you’ll not get anywhere FAST! You have to ENJOY what you’re doing.

When you don’t have a passion, you’ll find all the excuses in the world for not working towards accomplishing your goals. Let me tell you when you’re less enthusiastic about your business, you’re going get discouraged along the way and quit! When it comes to Online Marketing, people are not only attracted to those who are successful, knowledgeable, experienced as well as offering value, they’re also attracted to those who have PASSION and DRIVE. If you love what you’re doing, then your passion will be reflected in EVERYTHING you do. Passion is everything in whatever you want to pursue. That passion will INSPIRE you even when you’re faced with challenges and obstacles, as we all do.

2. Become a Life-Long Learner

If you are new to marketing (heck, even a seasoned marketer can benefit from this), you should aim to follow in the footsteps of those who have proven that something works. Far too many people make the mistake of trying to reinvent the wheel. Only fools waste time doing that.

Instead of trying to come up with the latest marketing fad to be the new “guru”,  you should do as the leaders do: study their every move, subscribe to their emails, watch how they launch, and apply what you learn to your own marketing campaigns.

Plug into a training platform and learn how to market effectively. That’s exactly how I learned to build a successful blog and business. Additionally, you need to invest in personal development in order to develop a positive mindset.

“Formal education will make you a living. Self-education will make you a fortune.” ~ Jim Rohn

3. Take Action

Taking action can influence everything you do in life and I’m a strong believer in the saying “massive action = massive results”. This belief has served me well throughout my business and my life. My family and friends would tell you that I’m a go-getter and a massive action-taker”.

Now, why do people fail to act?

Most people fail to act because they are afraid of making a fool of themselves. I think you can probably relate to this because we all do it at some point. A fact is, as a marketer or blogger, you must take action if you want to see results. And it goes for everything really.

Do it NOW!

The best way to implement massive action into your business is by doing something every single day. Come rain or sunshine, spend at least an hour or so a day on your business. The compounding effect of regular action will soon start to snowball (as it has done for me) and result in massive traffic, leads, sales, and recognition for you.

A Word on Procrastination

Most people on this planet miss opportunity after opportunity because they procrastinate. It could be triggered by fear, by insecurities, by laziness or by not being (feeling) prepared enough to run with it. Quite frankly, this sort of behavior will sabotage you throughout life, unless you run with what you’ve got then proceed to build your business on a continuous basis.

“Your future is created by what you do today, not tomorrow.” ~ Robert Kiyosaki

Let Go of Perfectionism!

Nobody is perfect. I have a friend who likes saying “it’s OK to be perfectly imperfect,” and you know what? It is!

Nobody will condemn you because your blog doesn’t look flash enough if the blog content is valuable to your readers.

Nobody will scream “blue murder” if you launch a product that contains some faults. Sure it is important to assure that everything is in place before you go public, but to delay a launch or an action because of your fear to make a mistake is madness. Just do it! And that’s my mode of operation!

Every leader you ever read about has become one because of the mistakes and failures they experienced beforehand. The more mistakes you make, the further ahead in life you get – provided you learn from these mistakes and turn the new wisdom into action. Top leaders worldwide would tell you that taking action is one of the key traits that have led them to success. The key is to act on your knowledge immediately because if you don’t life will get in the way and you’ll forget all about it – or worse, you’ll give up on your dreams.

4. Be Consistent

While taking action is imperative to reaching success in anything you desire, consistency is key for seeing results. If you act once then abandon your dreams for the usual excuses we use when we procrastinate you will find it hard to reach the proverbial kingdom of success. Consistency is what sees you working at night when the rest of the world watches TV. It’s what brings results if applied time and again for the desired goal. Consistency is what led me to reach blogging success, create my own information products and skyrocket my business. It also demonstrates commitment. You earn trust because you’re consistent. The more consistent you are the more closely people will follow you too.

For example, someone joined my team, after following me for over a year!

This magic word is really a learned behavior. “You can learn to be consistent in everything you do by making your behavior a habit”. This is what my professor used to say.

Whether it’s attracting more trafficgenerating leads, or learning about launching a product, unless you apply your actions on a continuous basis you will not be consistent, hence you will likely fail.

The sad part about failing is not failing after you’ve tried something, but failing before you had a chance to find out. Don’t you agree?

5. Be Laser Focused

The huge mistake that marketers usually make is to do everything all at once.

The worst thing that you can do to your business is to try EVERY new marketing tool, product, system that comes out, jump ships, or even get involved with multiple opportunities at the same time.

Don’t fall victim to the “Shiny Object Syndrome”, chasing the latest and the greatest shiny objects.

How on earth will you focus on your business? This is definitely the fastest way to KILL your business! You’ll get nowhere. I never take a look at the latest and the greatest shiny objects. Why? I have everything I need to build my business. Focus is so key. Avoid distractions and stay focused on your goals. Believe in yourself and in what you’re doing.

Remember F.O.C.U.S. = Follow One Course Until Successful.

So, what if you are learning, focused, and taking consistent action but not seeing any results?

I’m glad you asked!… This is one question I get asked a lot…

And, it brings me to my next point…

6. Be Persistent

MANY people quit when success doesn’t come their way because they lack one important attribute… And that is PERSISTENCE.

The only way you are going to achieve success in your business is to persist no matter how long it takes and no matter what comes your way. All successful entrepreneurs have had to be persistent and overcome challenges in order to succeed. Success doesn’t come overnight, it takes commitment, determination, hard work, a lot of time and self-discipline.

It may take you months or even years – you never know when your breakthrough is going to come and have things happening for you. You just don’t know when everything is going to fall into place. Moreover, your path to success will not be free of obstacles and challenges. In fact, there are bumps and setbacks in everyone’s life and career. There were days when I felt like throwing my computer out the window or taking down my blog and turning my back on online marketing.

Yes, I wanted to quit…

But… I didn’t…

Successful entrepreneurs encounter challenges all the way to the top and turn them into opportunities. During a coaching session with one of my newest team members, he said: “I know what to do online, but I quit when I don’t see any results. I put everything into it, working long hours and when nothing happens I give up. I then develop a burning desire to go for it and start all over again…” He keeps quitting and starting from scratch because he is not PERSISTENT. He wants results NOW… When I first got started with my online business, I was committed and determined to make it work. I put a lot of time into it and made a lot of sacrifices whilst paving the way for my success. Despite all that, I didn’t have any sales or sign-ups for months and I felt I wasn’t getting anywhere fast. Many people would have called it quits, but not me. I wasn’t gonna give up — I believed in myself, in my company and in my mentor. I knew that I needed to keep at it consistently and it would be just a matter of time before I see the results that I was after.

With what result?

In no time I started waking up to sign-ups and sales in my e-mail inbox. I started going up against the top income earners on the search engines and leader boards.  I started generating a lot of exposure, growing an international team and more. Imagine if I gave up when I felt like quitting!

And the best part is that I now help and inspire others to stay the course:

So, if things are not panning out the way you had expected, do NOT give up or quit.

Stay the course, focus on your goals and keep going… This so KEY to your success!


See, success is a road paved with PERSEVERANCE. The odds are with you if you keep taking action.

There is no failure except in not doing. You cannot be beaten at anything until you quit in your own mind. There is no defeat except from within.

You have no really insurmountable barrier except your own inherent weakness of purpose.

You’re on a very long journey, so sustain your personal vision of success and keep going.

There is only ONE way you are going to FAIL…

That is if you QUIT…

Do NOT give up…

Remove the word “quit” from your vocabulary.

See, when success is your only option, you can’t help but keep going until you SUCCEED…

“Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.” – Muhammad Ali

“Failure plus failure plus failure equals success. You only fail when you quit.” ~  Jack Hyles

“Perseverance is failing nineteen times and succeeding the twentieth.” ~ Julie Andrews

Key Takeaway

If you want to see a TREMENDOUS growth in your business and in your personal life, you must acquire knowledge and skills and take ACTION every single day. Focus on just one marketing strategy and become good at it, then you can add other methods to your marketing arsenal. You need to find people who are already at the level that you want to be yourself and follow them.

Continue LEARNING, HONING your skills and keep MARKETING!

Here’s to staying the course and creating success!


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