Best cloud storage Reviews of 2021


All of the cloud storage services in the world provide excellent services, and it’s expected with the territory. Cloud services are expected to give you ample space to store their files and items in there. The easy accessibility of the files is necessary because what’s the point of storing your data online if you can’t access them easily from anywhere. You’d have to carry your physical storage everywhere if you couldn’t easily access your data, and to be honest, who’d want the hassle of always being mindful of your storage wherever you go? That’s right; no one wants anything like that.

More than that, your cloud storage should employ the top of line security. The amount of data risks and hackers that are after your data are immeasurable. Hence it is imperative to have the best data security linked to your cloud storage account. Your account should also have backups in case something goes wrong with the server, and you are left with nothing concerning your data.

With all of these things in mind, it is essential to know which cloud service specializes in which attribute. You can’t have it all, but you can have the right mix of the bunch that will provide you with a great cloud storage experience. The following titles differentiate where the various storage services take a shine and prove why they’re the best in the business.

Which is Most Secure Cloud Storage?

Many cloud services provide extra protection to their users, but there is a unique cloud security service that topples the rest, and that is called zero-knowledge. Zero-knowledge allows accessibility to the user only and is known as private encryption as well. The only downside to this encryption method is that upon losing the username and password of your account, you’ll have essentially lost your account forever.

The best cloud storage, by security, is pCloud. The app has 256- bit encryption, the best in Most Secure Cloud storagethe business. It also has a TLS protocol, which adds a deep layer of protection in your data. Zero-knowledge security is used, but you have to pay an additional fee for it. The extra payment is the only downside, but the cloud storage service makes up for it with so many other features. Some of these features include great large uploads, secure links, 10GB free upon signing up, and many more.

With such features and security, pCloud itself is a high enough cloud service to go with, even without the Zero-knowledge encryption.

Best cloud storage for accessibility and File Sharingfree online file sharing and storage

When it comes to accessibility and file sharing, you have to be specific. Do you want the files to be publicly accessible or be accessible to people with permission? Even in that question, some hurdles cloud storage companies have to topple over. Most storage offers free public access to their users, and some have specific sharing options. Out of the many cloud storage services, two services took a shine because they cover the two most common sharing situations, collaborative and enterprise sharing.

Google Drive is excellent for collective and collaborative workspace. If you’re a growing company that takes orders and wants to divide the work among the small number of employees, this service is for you. You can virtually create all types of work-related documents on it, such as presentations, spreadsheets, and the works, for all your productive working and sharing needs. The service is very useful when you need to edit or create whole new documents on a whim.

The main feature that it’s great for us that it gives you freedom in giving access to the different users for the folder. You can approve, deny access, and also stop people from editing your documents in the folder. This is quite useful as you have complete control over the files and can avoid any temperament with your useful data.

The other cloud storage is Box, which is chosen for its usability in enterprise workspaces. The third-party integration of the service is best utilized for small business owners with manageable teams. You also get a lot of features that would otherwise be granted upon payment. With a generous 10GB free upon signing up, you’d have to upload an insane amount of documents before you purchase any storage plans.

So whatever your needs are, these two services handle it the best. They are optimal for personal use, too, but few storage services are ideal for business sharing.

The Best online backup Service in 2021

You always have to have a backup plan for when your data might get corrupted or lost. You can always buy another hard drive, but updating it and keeping it safe from prying hands is always a hassle, plus buying hardware-based storage is considerably expensive. For this problem, some cloud storage services provide the best features when it comes to backing up your data, and IDrive is one of them.

cloud storage backup

IDrive gives all there is to offer when it comes to backing up your data. The accessibility, excellent backup attributes, and features, and most importantly, pricing is all in a bundle of a bargain. The downsides to this service are that it lacks continuous backup, and it has a tough interface to navigate through.

The pricing of this storage service starts from 69.50$ per year for the 2TB storage, and the other offer is 99.50$ per year for the 5TB deal. The number of devices you can attach is unlimited, and honestly, 5TB is enough for any data hoarder, but unfortunately, there is no unlimited storage option. The file syncing option helps avoid uploading all of your data at once, which could take days, depending on the data size.

The business subscription offers several other features such as subaccount, prime support, and server backups. With two factor authentication, your data is also safe from any prying hands.

is there Lifetime cloud storage?Lifetime Cloud Storage service

Some people want to save their lifelong data permanently, and as such, buying a lifetime subscription to cloud storage is the best choice instead of repeatedly paying for yearly subscriptions. It’s a one-time investment, and it helps to save the high costs of your cloud storage services. Now, if you’re going to collect your precious life’s data, the whole package needs to be examined, from security, space, and price, and hence the best options that pop up are Degoo Premium.

There are 4 very affordable storage deals, 50$ for 1TB, 60$ for 2TB, 70$ for 3TB and 100$ for 10TB. These are very cheap deals when it comes to lifetime subscriptions. With great speeds, you can back up your files within hours. The storage service also provides AES-256 encryption, which gives an added layer of protection for their users. You can send an email and private links for your friends and colleagues.

is Google drive secure? Which is Best Free Cloud Storage?

is Google drive safe

The best free cloud storage is Google Drive at the moment. The service provides a significant amount of features that no other cloud storage offers. The reason for Google being the best free cloud storage are the following reasons:

  1. Syncing of the cloud storage with your Google account provides excellent accessibility.
  2. The security they provide is the best in the world.
  3. Due to everyone having a Google account, it’s incredibly secure sharing data with your peers.
  4. The customizability in the service is excellent, letting you differentiate from your personal and professional folders.
  5. Backup support is fantastic.
  6. The usability of Microsoft online apps makes it easy to work on documents and store them accordingly.

Free cloud storage for students

OneDrive offers the students of the world with a massive storage capacity of 1TB. If you are working in education or are a student yourself, you can use the institute’s email address for your storage needs. OneDrive gives 1TB free, for any person, the previously stated environments. This offer beats all other offers of free cloud storage because 1 TB is an insane amount of free cloud storage to have.

Best free cloud storage for android

Cloud storage is vastly used from mobiles as many items are stored and shared from the palm of your hands. The different data files that need to send to your peers, family, friends, etc. need someplace to be stored and backed up, where free cloud storage services come in. These are some of the services that provide you with such features:

Amazon Drive Cloud Storage:

Amazon Drive gives you access to 5 GB storage and unlimited backup for photos and videos. It is a bit slow, though.

Box Cloud Storage:

The Box is a newcomer in cloud storage. This app is usually used for business purposes, but it can be used for personal usage too. The cloud provides 10 GB free for signing up.

DropBox Cloud Storage:

You get 2 GB free on using DropBox; not only that, the app provides a plethora of features. The ap provides auto-photo upload and secure file sharing.

Google Drive Cloud Storage:

One of the best choices when it comes to cloud storage, Google drive gives 15 GB of free storage. Google photos provide auto-upload, and with Google documents provide documents. These features are enough to get you sold to use Google Drive.

Best Cloud storage for photos

Google Photos is the best free cloud storage option for anyone who’s wanting to store their memories in a secure environment. There are a lot of cons, as well. The following features are prevalent in this service:


  • The service provides unlimited storage for its users.
  • Automatic upload for photos.
  • Consistent backups.


  • You can’t upload more than 16 MB on a single photo.
  • There is no built-in editing.

With all of the features listed, it’s apparent that this service is excellent for your everyday joe but not useful for professional photographers. So if you just want to store your daily moments in a secure location, then this is the cloud storage for you.

Cloud storage comparison Dropbox vs Google Drive

Dropbox vs Google Drive

The best cloud storage comes in a close tie between DropBox and Google Drive. Both have their merits, but Google Drive is slightly better because it takes home with some features.

They both offer:

  • High security to your documents and files.
  • Both are customizable to great lengths.
  • They both offer 15 GB worth of space that you can virtually upload anything in.
  • They offer great accessibility to all devices.
  • They are incredibly reliable.

The only thing Google Drive is better than at DropBox is that it’s synchronized with almost everything. It is letting you share and directly send data to anyone in your contacts. If you’re one of the few people that don’t use Google Drive, then DropBox is the best choice for you.


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