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Best Ultrabooks and Premium Laptops 2021




The laptop is an essential item for all kinds of people whether you’re a working person or an individual. There is a wide range of laptops with some of the features differentiating one another including battery life, storage, processor, keyboard, and display. If you want a thin laptop to carry in your bags on daily basis, which doesn’t put much load on your back then invest in one of the best Ultrabooks.

With countless laptops in the market, one would find it difficult to choose which one will be ideal and suitable for them. We’ve done the tough job for you by reviewing some of the best Ultrabooks that you can buy in 2021.

The question that comes to the mind of buyers that how to differentiate between a normal laptop and an Ultrabook? It’s easy, Ultrabooks are the best portable laptop with the thinnest design and amazing body. They’re easy to carry for both professionals and students. If you’re an engineering student, you can view the list of Best laptops for engineering students.

Best UltraBooks 2021

1)  HP Spectre x360 14

14-inch HP Spectre x360 has everything a person wishes to have in his Ultrabook. This thinnest laptop, but this isn’t the only thing. The attractive device comes with a powerful Intel Core i7 processor weighing just 3 pounds. The device also features USB Type C and Thunderbolt USB ports. The OLED model is capable to deliver vivid colours, but we recommend you turn off the OLED model as it will drink your battery up. Lastly, it features a comfortable and responsive keyword that enhances the typing experience and makes this HP Spectre one step ahead of its competitors.


  • Comfortable keyboard for typing
  • Delivers 3:2 aspect ratio to view more web pages at a time
  • Sleekest laptop
  • Type C and Thunderbolt ports
  • It takes a bit of hassle to upgrade SSD storage
  • Once using OLED mode, your battery won’t last long

2)  Dell XPS 13

It won’t be an overstatement to call this newly launched Dell XPS 13 laptop a powerhouse and one of the best Ultrabooks in the market currently. The device features an 11th generation processor with 16 GB RAM. You’ll also get the perks of storing as many things as you want including movies and games, thanks to 512 GB storage. It isn’t just powerful; the elegance of this laptop must be praised too. This 13.4-inch amazing laptop also contains a comfortable keyboard and a trackpad and not only this, it delivers bezeless display from every side you watch. Last but not the least, this complete package also has a powerful battery that lasts for around 12 hours when fully charged.

  • Beezeless display from all sides
  • Strong performance
  • Elegant Design
  • Huge battery life of 12 hours
  • Not enough USB ports

3)  HP Elite Dragonfly

Are you in search of the best Ultrabook for travelling? Your search will end here as we’re bringing this amazing 13.3 inches HP Elite Dragonfly for you featuring an Intel Core i7 processor and 8 GB RAM and is surely one of the sleekest laptops to carry while travelling. This powerhouse contains high pitch speakers and a very comfortable keyboard for typing. This HP Elite Dragonfly isn’t just praised for its powerful feature, the elegance of the body will make you desperate to buy this. It is best for travelling businessmen because of the long battery life of almost 12 hours. If you’re willing to spend a good amount on an Ultrabook, then you must stop seeing the competitors and blindly choose this set as it won’t make you regret it.

  • Elegant and sleekest design
  • Perfect for traveling purposes
  • Pricier as compared to the competitors

4)  MacBook Pro 13 inch

MacBook Pro 13 inches is one of the best portable laptops and by far the best Ultrabook of Apple in the market. It is the fasted laptop and most powerful when compared to its competitors. MacBook Pro 13 won’t create any voice while working and you won’t have to deal with any heating issues too. All Apple is avoiding Intel processor and using its own M1 Chip that is working quite efficiently for a lot of people. If you’re buying this to use for daily needs, then MacBook air will be fine too. If you require powerful software or doing multitasking with your laptop then MacBook Pro is necessary as it has a cooling fan. This amazing Ultrabook weighs just 3 points with 8 core GPU and it delivers an HD display. Last but not least the battery life of over 16 hours must be praised too as this much battery life is hard to find.

  • Amazing Battery Life
  • High Tech Speakers
  • M1 Chip works efficiently
  • Apps work perfectly even if its emulated
  • Webcam not good enough
  • It is difficult to upgrade RAM
  • Poor touch bar

5)  Lenovo Yoga 9i

Are you looking to buy an Ultrabook of Lenovo? You should stop your search process because we are reviewing Lenovo Yoga 9i i.e. one of the best Ultrabooks in the market today. After a successful launch of Yoga C940, this model is also becoming the fan-favourite because of its improved features including decent battery life and powerful 11th Generation Intel processor.

You won’t be wrong if you call Lenovo Yoga 9i one of the best 2 in 1 laptop at this moment. Among the Yoga series, Lenovo Yoga 9i is the most portable and sleekest laptop you can find with the capability of 360 degrees hinge. The device features 16GB RAM and 512 GB storage. When converted to a tablet, you can watch movies on the 14-inch screen displaying 4k HD video with ease. Some additional features which make it one step ahead of competitors are fingerprint sensor and webcam cover.

  • Amazing performance
  • Long battery life of 11 hours
  • 360-degree hinge
  • Easy to carry while traveling

    Final Words

    Today we reviewed some of the best Ultrabooks we found powerful and worth buying. This list is 100% recommended and tested by us and all the best UltraBooks features long battery life, the Thinnest body, 4k HD display, decent storage space, Powerful processor, and amazing Memory. This list will surely make your decision-making easier of buying Ultrabooks in 2021.


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