HP Chromebook 14 Review

HP Chromebook 14 review

Are you looking to buy a Chromebook from HP at a cheap price with a giant display screen? You’ve reached your destination, as today we’ll be providing you detailed HP Chromebook 14 Review. The latest upgraded Intel version of this Chromebook has a remarkable battery life of almost a day when fully charged with a soft keyboard in which you can write for hours. The elegance of this device can be seen by a thin white design displaying 1080p through a 14-inch LED screen. Though other HP Chromebooks have better specifications and will give a powerful performance, the price you’re getting is undoubtedly worth it for daily use. HP Chromebook 14 is also a part of Best laptops under $300.

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HP Chromebook 14 Price and Specifications

Hp Chromebook 14 is the cheapest yet most ideal Chromebook for completing basic tasks with just around $250. The device features the new Intel N3350 processor with 32 GB storage and powerful 4GB RAM. The 14-inch screen delivers 1080p HD quality that can enhance your experience while you’re watching movies or tv shows. It also contains a 720p webcam that can be a good asset while attending online classes and meetings. Not only this, but the device also offers Type C 3.0 USB and type 2.0 USB ports with Bluetooth connectivity. Last but not least, you can enjoy the perks of 100GB Google Drive storage too.

HP Chromebook 14 Design and Display

HP Chromebook 14 Design and Display

Now you know the price that will be spent on this fantastic HP Chromebook 14 with its specifications. Time to get into details about this amazingly designed device. It has a sleek body with attractive white color making it look more appealing and unique. The cover of the HD Chromebook has a rough surface, and you can see the HP logo on the exact center of the body. When you open your laptop, you’ll get to witness a white keyboard with white bezels. At first, I thought that the white surface would get dusty over time, but now it looks new, even after time has passed.

In my opinion great initiative by HP that they launched HP Chromebook 14 in white color, making it unique.

The Chromebook weighs just 3.3 pounds that is a lot lighter than its competitor laptops of this range, making it easy for the kids and students to carry them.

Talking about the display, this 14inch features a 1080p display that is quite impossible to find in this price range. I tried watching some movies on Netflix to test if the show is getting burst off, but I was amazed that even the most negligible colors were displayed clearly. The only problem I found was in the panel because it is too dim; otherwise, if we compare the display of this laptop with other outdated laptops, this one is pretty satisfying.

Keyboard and Trackpad

HP Chromebook 14 Keyboard and TrackPad

I’m a content writer, and I prioritize a soft and comfortable keyboard on which I could type for hours. When I order this Chromebook for the first time, it enhanced my writing experience to the bit that I couldn’t stop writing for hours. The keys were responsive and created no disturbance. I loved the trackpad too because it was spacy, and I can comfortably move the cursor around. The best part is that you don’t have to search for left and right click because the entire trackpad serves as a button.

Reasons to buy HP Chromebook 14

  • Amazing Battery life
  • Comfortable Keyboard.
  • Unique and attractive white cover.
  • 1080 Display.
  • Budget-Friendly
  • Excellent Trackpad
  • Chrome OS is very responsive.
  • Both 2.0 and Type C 3.1 USB ports available
  • The cover is scratch and dust resistant.

Reasons to avoid HP Chromebook 14

  • Sometimes performance not up to the standards.
  • The panel is too dull.
  • Laptop gets heat up too quickly.
  • No HDMI cable is supported.
  • Week as compared to other Chromebooks.

Final Verdict

If you’re buying this HP Chromebook 14 for kids or completing basic tasks, it is worth $200. You won’t be happy to hear this, but this isn’t a laptop you can use full time and run heavy software on. Though you’re getting ample features, a fantastic display, and a large screen still the features are limited. If you’re low on budget and looking to buy a spare laptop, then you can go for it.

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