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Nearly every year, innovation is progressive to meet the various needs of individuals. Thus after five to ten years, what may appear latest and biggest today could be out of date and may no longer be necessary. According to these abrupt changes, the correct way to store your electronic records will prevent you from getting future problems.

The difference between PDF and PDF/A could be questionable. Why do PDF to PDF/A need to happen? To begin with, a PDF/A is an ISO-standardized PDF file. You can rest assured that the document is exactly reproduced with a PDF/A. Lengthy preservation includes PDF/A as well, and no problem should be worried about whatever software is used for conversion. With PDFBear, PDF can be converted to PDF/A. PDFBear provides PDF/A free of charge. It also uses a 4-step customizable conversion to convert PDF to PDF/A quickly. View the full specifics of the PDF to PDF/A conversion tool in this article.

PDF to PDF/A in 2 Minutes and 4 Steps

Even though PDF/A is an ISO-standardized PDF edition, it does not imply that users should wait for a long time before converting it into a PDF/A. It is relatively straightforward with PDFBear to convert PDF to PDFA. PDFBear guarantees its users wouldn’t waste time converting PDF to PDF/A with unneeded tricks.

You can transform PDF to PDF/A within two minutes with this PDFBear tool. In any PDF process, PDFBear uses a four-step to convert. Whatever documents it is, the four-stage approach is significantly the same and it has been correctly converted to PDF/A files for a long period of time. PDFBear is, without a doubt, one of the best tools for this kind of PDF conversion that you have to depend on.

PDFBear uses a four-stage PDF conversion within a total of two minutes of converting PDF to PDF/A. This process is also easy to monitor, and it is not complicated for the users. To do so, PDF must be uploaded to the PDF to PDF/A tool in the website of PDFBear. You could also drag and drop the PDF file on the converter tool if you choose. PDFBear then scans and converts your PDF to a PDF/A file format automatically.

This PDFBear and its PDF converter want to make an assurance to its users about the PDF converter quality they expect. All you need to do is sit and wait a few minutes to complete this PDFBear conversion. When the conversion process is finished, you can now download the new and accurately converted PDF/A file.

Cloud Conversion

Cloud Conversion Tool is among the great attributes that can be found from PDFBear. The same Cloud Conversion feature also applies to this PDF to PDF/A converter. This cloud conversion assists any user to convert PDF to PDF/A instead of using the computer’s storage or portion. No CPU or GPU use is needed to convert PDF to PDF/A.

Cloud Conversion enables users to save files on the Cloud system instantaneously. You never have easier access to the documents and subsequently can add a storage option for them. As we have stated, PDFBear will not take up the memory of your system when converting any PDF documents. You can, however, somehow save your files from your PDFBear profile’s convenience.

Any Devices or Platforms

The PDFBear and PDF to PDF/A tool are awesome as it is compatible with any platform. If you need these services, the same applies to other PDF converters. It is safe to use the Mac, Linux, and Windows or any other operating system to convert PDF documents via PDFBear. No matter what OS you use, you will get a certain performance conversion.

No problem or major issue is triggered by the platform you use to convert PDF to PDF/A. Safari, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome allow anybody to access the PDF to PDF/A converting tool of PDFBear.

Safe PDF to PDF/A Conversion

Security is an underestimated element of using an online PDF tool. PDFBear can defend its users and files and prevent them from falling into the wrong hands. After an hour, PDFBear removes any on the PDFBear server the files you have uploaded. The same applies to converted PDF files to PDF/A. The private information of its users and of their documents should really be ensured. PDFBear also provides it with a safe and private link. This online tool uses 256-bit SSL encryption that will usually ensure privacy and security. When you convert PDF to PDF/A on PDFBear, you will not find anyone lurking or gazing into your files.


PDFBear is a top regarded PDF/A PDF conversion online tool. Along with the conversion with four steps, you can convert PDF to PDF/A within less than two minutes. There is no longer a lack of online PDF conversion tools.


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