The Hierarchical Structure of Facebook Ad and How to Create One – Episode 4

Hierarchical Structure of Facebook Ad
The Hierarchical Structure of Facebook Ad

When commencing a business, you would like to ascertain communication between you and your client. For this purpose, you need a platform that is well accessible, low cost and targets the most doable audience. Facebook during this regard, has well-tried to be one amongst the most effective platforms once it involves promoting your business all over the world. It is of utmost importance to know that what exactly the Facebook ads structure is?
Therefore, in this episode. I am going to share all the information related to the Hierarchical structure of Facebook ads and how to create one. This article will surely help you understand all about Facebook ads’ structure even if you are a newcomer.

The Levels of the Hierarchical Structure of Facebook Ad

There are three levels on which the hierarchical structure of Facebook ads is based, namely,

  • The level of Campaign. 
  • The level of Ad Sets. 
  • The level of Ad word.

Each level of the hierarchical structure has an equal amount of importance and justifies its role. Also, if they are achieved can take your social media marketing practice into the boom. Each of the levels is discussed briefly.

The Level of Campaign

The Level of Campaign
The Level of Campaign

The first level of the hierarchical structure of Facebook ads is Campaign. Yes, to drive the traffic to your site, you need to start a campaign. Your campaign must contain a marketing objective. Choosing the appropriate objective is very important when you are running a campaign on social media. Setting the objective of your campaign is a tactic to grab the traffic as much as possible. Through the campaign, your ad will be able to get the attention of the maximum targeted audience and they might like your goods or services that your company is willing to provide.

The Level of Ad Sets

The Level of Ad Sets
The Level of Ad Sets

Without creating or choosing the campaign, you will not be able to create Ad Sets. So, after creating a campaign on the social media site successfully, the next level of the Hierarchical structure of the Facebook ads is the Ads sets.

After selecting the desired marketing objective for the campaign, you are required to name the campaign. The name of the marketing Ad campaign should be eye-catching and interesting. After that, your next destination will be the Ad Set Screen where you can select the place where you want to get the traffic, for instance, messenger, website, and the App (in case there is an application available for your product). It is all up to you.

The Ad Set Screen also allows you to select the kind of audience that you want to show your ad to. You can set the audience as per your wish and can also create your audience. There is also an option of creating the Custom Audience on Facebook, where you can target your desired audience. Not only you can create a custom audience, but the cherry of the cake is that you can also specify the location. Which country or city you are willing your ad to be shown, it is all in your hands.

It does not just stop here; you will find more attributes of this level when you explore this more. Other than the selection of the audience type, creating a custom audience, and specify the location, there is also an option, called Detailed Targeting where you can also choose the age and gender of the audience and their native language in which the ad is to be shown. You can also target the audience based on their profiles, interests, and activities on social media as well.

Another important thing to keep in mind is managing the budget. Make your ad as cost-effective as possible and do not go out of budget. Always set your budget as per your pocket allows you to spend on the ads. The duration of the running of your ad is also very important. Also, there is another option to plan your budget, that is Show Advanced Options.

Furthermore, there is also an option in which you can choose to communicate with your audience, you can have your audience’s feedback and ideas that may help you improve and spread your business across the globe.

Last but not the least, the placement option is also considered in Ads Sets. It is the selection of the people and the place (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Messenger, and YouTube) where the Ad should be shown. It is also a tactic to target the audience that can be the best choice for your product or services. There are more options in the placement section like Automatic placement and Edit placement. It is better if you choose the Automatic placement as the Edit placement can limit the number of your audience.

The Level of Ad Word

The Level of Ad Word
The Level of Ad Word

The third and the last level of the hierarchical structure of Facebook ads is the Ad word. This is the level where you can show your creativity by designing your ads whether it is a single image or a video, you can create ideas which must contain the full information about the product or services you are willing to deliver to your customers and can help to grab the attention of people. Give your best when designing the ad and make it look more appealing to the audience. If this doesn’t go well, then it would be difficult for you to run your Ad on the social media campaign. The success and failure of an Ad campaign are hugely dependent on the look of your ad.

These are some of the steps that you must follow:

  • Give a proper name to your ad.
  • Create an ad or use the old one, a new ad can be created by clicking on create ad button.
  • At first, you must link your Ad with any of the Instagram and Facebook account to define the identity of the ad that totally depends on which social media account you’ll run ads.
  • The next most important step is to pick the most suitable format that you want to show to your audience. There are numerous formats of the ads including slideshow format, carousel format, video format, and image format.
  • If you want your users to view the ad as a full landing page, then you can select the checkbox to avail of this feature.

The next important step of Ad Tier is designing of the Ad. When you design your ad, a preview will be shown to you so that you can figure out how the audience will see your ad.

 The designing process totally depends on what format of ad you’re picking. If you choose video format, then you’ll be asked to upload a view and add a heading to your video.

If you choose a carousel format, then they’ll ask you to upload 3 images and you’ve to add links to your ad. This means, it all depends on what format you’re picking, Facebook will make sure that your ad is designed in the best way that will be loved by the viewers. Once you’ve designed the ad, you can confirm it by clicking on the confirm button. You’re done with creating your First Ad.

What have you learned until now?

After reading this article you’d become confident enough to structure your Ad and create one from scratch. In this episode we’ve learned some critically important things:

  • We understood the process of creating the social media campaign with the help of Campaign Tier.
  • We learned how to use Advert Set Tier for setting Facebook Ad structure.
  • We learned how to use Ad Tier to create and design the first Facebook Ad.

You’re completely ready to make your Ad strategy and to create and design your own Ad. You can run your ad across your targeted audience on the Facebook Platform.

Final Words

We’re done with the explanation of The Hierarchical Structure of Facebook Ad and How to Create One. In the next episodes we’ll explain some further levels of a Facebook Ad campaign. Till then keep reviewing our previous episodes.


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