Top Pranks You Can Do Using Your Laptop or Phone

Top Pranks You Can Do Using Your Laptop or Phone

Who doesn’t love a good prank? Pranks can be a great way to make your friends laugh, to make yourself laugh, or to make your enemies cry. In this article, we’ve gathered some of the best pranks you can do with your laptop or phone. From hacking someone’s website to making it look like their computer is crashing, these pranks are sure to have you laughing for hours.

As Halloween draws near, you know what that means: prank season! If you’re looking for a good scare this year, or want to give someone a heart attack, then these funny and effective laptop and phone pranks are just the thing. They’re guaranteed to surprise your friends and family members. These can also be fun tricks to play on those who think they know everything about technology. Think of them as a modern-day practical joke…in the digital age.

Who doesn’t love a good prank?

Why are we so drawn to pranks? Do we all secretly want to be the one to terrorize our friends and family members? To play some mean practical joke on someone we love? Is that why we watch reality TV and sit through entire movies where the audience is just waiting for someone to get a giant eyeful? Are we just sadists with a penchant for malicious intent? Well, you’re right about the first two. It’s definitely fun to shock someone with some new information or present some new technology they’d never seen before. The third, however, is what pranks are all about: spooking people, making them a bit uncomfortable, and hoping they think about it afterward and cringe a little bit.

If you want to put a little fear into your friends’ and family’s hearts, then you can’t go wrong with some good old-fashioned computer or smartphone pranks. It can be a laugh to see someone’s heart rate rise or a shiver to know that someone else’s computer is actually broken. But no matter how you approach the pranks, they’re guaranteed to surprise you, and they’re not easy to pull off.

These pranks will either cause an explosion in your unsuspecting friend or family member’s faces, or simply make them crazy because their computer keeps shutting down on them.

Before you pull off a prank

Pranks are a time-honored tradition in many households. They are usually harmless and designed to make people smile or laugh. However, pranks can also be dangerous or even life-threatening. Here are some important considerations before you pull one on someone.

Remember that all parties involved should be comfortable with what you’re doing. You should be able to accomplish your goal without harming anyone, and you should be able to get away safely afterward. If you cannot follow these guidelines, you should probably rethink your plan.

Also remember that your objective is to poke fun at another person. Therefore, you should not make fun of their weight or appearance, belittle them, or make a joke out of their intelligence, job, or other traits.

In other words, if you want to prank someone, be respectful. It’s OK to make fun of their appearance or goof around, but be careful and make sure that it’s not taken too seriously.

Hide your screen

If you are really intent on doing some serious computer or cell phone pranking, then here’s an easy way to make your victim take notice: Gently turn off the screen. It may be hard to detect, but it’ll still do the trick. Just turn off your computer, and the sound will go silent. At the same time, the screen will go black. When your victim checks to see what happened, there’ll be nothing on their screens. The best part is that you won’t even need to delete files or do any other hocus-pocus to prevent a glitch. Just turn off the monitor, and your prank is a success.

Create fake pop-ups

If your friend or family member insists on reading the latest e-mail or website, then you can trick them with some web-based pop-ups. Set up a series of annoying pop-ups in your web browser. Some examples you might want to add are:

Tired of seeing the same pop-up ad every five minutes?

This is getting old. Please remove it from your computer immediately.

Just browsing through Facebook? Please change your settings and block this pop-up.

Click here to remove your Facebook privacy settings.

Hide notifications from apps

Did you know that almost every app has a way of letting you know if an email, text message, or call has come in? You might have already figured that out for yourself, but you may be surprised to know that most apps don’t use those notifications in the same way. Most apps notify you that an email, text, or phone call has come in; but some of them will display the notification on the notification bar on top of your screen, or it might notify you via a pop-up.

You can have fun by making your friends think that their phone is broken and that notifications aren’t popping out. Just head on to the phone’s settings and disable all incoming notifications.

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Create a fake social media profile for them and post embarrassing photos on it

What better way to scare and prank your friends or family than by making a fake social media profile for them. Once you’ve created a fake account for them, you can go ahead and post embarrassing photos of them or make them look dumb on social media! The possibilities are endless and we’ll leave you and your creative mind of what you want to do – but as always, make sure that what you’ll do won’t go overboard to the point that they’ll end up hating you!

Download spoof call apps

Last, but definitely not the least, we suggest you try a classic prank call on your friends. Don’t worry, by downloading a reliable spoof call app, you will be saved from the hassle of buying an extra sim or even buying a burner phone. There are a lot of things you can do with a prank call so we’ll leave you to that.


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