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YouTube Converter MP3

If you are reading this article, then you probably know about YouTube. It is the number one most famous online streaming site, but mostly it is used for the songs or the videos which are related to songs. YouTube, therefore, has a nearly unlimited library of music, audio, and podcasts that you can listen to. For smartphones, it is impossible to listen to audio on YouTube while it is in the background. That is why you need an MP3 converter for YouTube so that you can download the audio and listen to it on the background.

The converter is not only for smartphones but also for the windows. Mp3 is the Format in which the video is not included; rather, there is only high definition audio. Therefore, if you want to download the MP3 file format, you will need to have a converter. This is where the YouTube Converter mp3 comes in, which required the link or URL from the video you want to download audio of and then convert it into an mp3 file format automatically.

The need for audio is much dependent on your choice because you might have to use if for some online video editor also for your personal need like listening to songs etc. Therefore, it is advised that if you want to convert the YouTube video to mp3, you should reach towards the creator and get permission from him/her if you’re going to use it in your videos further.

There are a lot of video converters available on the internet for free and paid. Therefore, it is tough to know which one is the best, we have done the process and reading for you and will review the best ones like;

Any Video Converter:

You can convert the videos from YouTube and other sources at a glance. This is a free application that can let you convert and download the selected video file from sources like YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and even Live Leak.

This application is not that simple and comes with several different options. The converter is not so hard to use because of its interface and tooltips that will guide you to each function of the converter.

There are different options to download the video like you can drag and drop the video in the converter or even so you can copy the URL of the video and then paste it in the box to download the video. After all this, you will have opted with a different option in which there is an mp3 downloading option. You can click on this option to download the video into mp3 converted format.

It is essential to inform you that when you are downloading the Any Converter, you will opt with an option for downloading Byte Fence, which is an anti-malware software and also a Yahoo Extension to the browser. If you already have the software, then you should install them, which is an option given.

4K YouTube to MP3:

There is a great similarity between the 4K YouTube to MP3 Converter and the reviewed 4K Video Downloader. Still, the different primary lies in the one task, which is separating the audio from the video, and this software exceeds it.

The name might include the MP3 inside it, but it can also let you download in other formats like the M4A and the OGG. Other than them, there are many different formats you can choose from, which are according to your own choice. There is even a bitrate variation provided, so you have to choose the one that can give you speed and quality balance. 

Other than YouTube, you can even convert videos from sites like Vimeo, Facebook, Flicks, and Soundcloud, etc. You can copy the URL of the video and then paste it inside the box, which says insert URL, and then you can convert it easily according to your Format.

You cannot get other installation options with the software, so you only have a choice of the premium version, which can let you get whole playlists downloaded and converted.

4K Video Downloader:

4K Video Downloader

This here is the best-known converter for YouTube you can find on the internet just not only because of its performance and 4k support but also because of the features like subtitle and annotations support. Important to mention that it can also convert the 4k video format, which is rare in free software and found in most premium software.

In case you want to download and convert the files from other than YouTube like Vimeo and the Daily Motion, then you can also do it with the help of this software. If you want to save you time, then you can download and convert the entire 24 videos playlist. If you’re going to increase the limitations further, then you can download the full version.

Now talking about the downsides of this software, there are not many formats available for you to choose from, like there are only MP4,3GP and MKV on the video side and MP3, OGG, and M4A on the audio side. That is enough for most people, but still, it counts as a downside.

Free YouTube to MP3 Converter:

Free YouTube to MP3 Converter

This is a software provided by the superb DVDVideoSoft company, which is known for its simplicity and up to the task working. You can separate the audio from the video and then save it in the Format you like on your PC.

The good thing and the essential thing this program can provide is that it can convert the videos in the queue so that you can choose the videos you like to be converted and don’t need you to go back to the file to download it again. If you have a problem with sophisticated software, then this software is for you because it can provide you with complete details of each and everything.

If you want to download a whole channel, then you can do it because there is an option provided in this software that can download the entire channel on its own. The process might take a lot of time but worth it.

If you want to download songs and want your PC to shut down while finished, then there is an option provided in this software that can do it. The bad thing is that there are ads in the software, and also there are installation options of Byte Fence, which needs to be taken care of at the start of installation.


Clip Grab:

Here is another one of those simple and up to task software which will let you convert and download the YouTube videos into MP3 easily. There is a bundle of Opera Browser that comes with the software which can be skipped in the installation window.

The best thing about this software is its simple and easy interface, which tells you exactly how you can do all the stuff. If you want to convert and download, then you can copy the URL from the video and paste it in Clip Grab, which will handle all the rest.

There can be issues with the downloading or conversion sometimes, which is due to the inconvenient running of the program. To Handle and correct it, you should run the application correctly and then do a quick paste again in the field. There is an option after that which asks for the interest of video download. You must make up your mind of the conversion of MP3 Format before you even chose the “Grab this Clip” option. The download will be done in no time.

What to look for in a YouTube to Mp3 Converter:

The preference lies on you solely, but some factors are to be noted when you want to download YouTube to Mp3 converter. The first thing is that in which amount you want to download or convert the videos. In case you are the one who only does it a single or double time, then the online tool is preferable. But in case you want to download or convert videos in bulk, then getting a separate software for the desktop is preferred.

Generally speaking, the desktop application tends to be faster than online because there are no remote servers involved. Still, the problem is that the software for YouTube converter Mp3 is very famous and can even lead you in downloading some Malware inside your PC, which is hard to remove once it gets inside.

But if you want to get those, consider the software we have reviewed in this article; they are the most popular and guaranteed ones.


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